Go Large With Our Backlit Paper in sizes A2-A0

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Go Large With Our Backlit Paper in sizes A2-A0

Due to customer demand, we now sell Premium backlit paper in sizes A2 , A1 and even A0

You can buy these super sizes in single sheets – but we also offer a generous discount when you buy in multiple quantities. View the complete range here

Our customers love the quality of our Premium Backlit Paper but wanted larger sizes to print eye-catching posters, signs and property details used in backlit LED poster frames and LED lightpockets.

Because backlit paper allows the diffusion of light, it is designed for use with backlit displays and backlit signs, lightboxes and many other illuminated displays. Backlit paper is 50% of the effect of a backlit display. Not using backlit paper compromises the value of your display; using the paper means images, photos, branding and other print look sharper, clear and brighter.

Using back lit paper offers the possibility of showing images under the best light thanks to its effect on three main aspects of color: tone, luminosity, and saturation.

Backlit paper is also sometimes called back lit paper, backlight paper or sometimes known by brand names such as Duratrans.

For customers who can print A2 / A1 / A0 this is the cost-effective way to print stunning content for backlit displays. If not, then simply ask your usual large format printer to print your large posters using this premium backlit paper

Alternatively, you can use our backlit paper printing service.

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