City Map Wallpaper

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City Map Wallpaper

Pay tribute to your downtown with stunning city map wallpaper.

For office, store or home this stylish design and high quality wallpaper allows you to make a real interior design statement. Finished in your chosen colours the wallpaper will brighten up dull corners or add a real statement look to any room.

Using a range of maps ensures you can achieve the exact look. Ordnance Survey maps offer a range of options. You’re city map wallpaper can go city wide or you can narrow down to a particular neighbourhood, or even street.

The chosen area can then be styled as needed. Add a bright or muted palette across the design to reflect the interior.

More about City Map Wallpaper

The idea of highlighting your home city or town has lots of practical benefits for many organisations. Imagine how easy it is to help customers, visitors, sales staff and delivery teams if you can literally point them in the right direction on your wall scaled map. It is a great bonus for estate agents, tourist offices, fast food takeaways, recruitment and staff agency offices. City map wallpaper always attracts attention from staff and customers.

For bars and clubs, boardrooms and coffee bars a stylish map wallpaper can form the basis of an ontrend interior design. Quality map wallpaper is ideal for even busy cafes and restaurants with a non-woven paper and wipeable cellulose-free surface making sure it is durable and easy to keep clean. Lightfast wallpaper will retain its colour for up to 20yrs!

And no specialist skills are required. If you can hang wallpaper you can hang City Map Wallpaper.!

Order City Map Wallpaper

Always buy from a quality map wallpaper supplier. Their experience should ensure you get the exact area and look that you are after and that they produce a high quality commercial grade wallpaper.

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