Digital Advertising Screens Need Strategy For Success

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Digital Advertising Screens Need Strategy For Success

We’ve written previously about the how the growth of digital advertising screens and their increasing importance in building sales and customer engagement.

But retailers need a strategy to make a success of the use of digital display screens. Placement and content are key to maximising their effectiveness.

What is the rationale for adding digital screens in the first place? And what is the logic behind their placement? Is it to welcome new customers, display current promos or provide an immersive experience in a specific department?

Once you’ve determined the objectives and placement for each device, you’ll want to make each one as effective as possible in meeting those objectives. That’s where a content strategy for your digital signage comes in. 

Every piece of content for your digital adverting screens should have a purpose and clearly defined metrics.

Digital signage content should be more than a rotating set of images or playing commercials shoppers can otherwise see on TV. Effective digital content has a clearly defined objective with well-defined metrics to indicate whether it is achieving that purpose.

Once these are defined, you’ll need to develop a content strategy for your digital signage. Start by answering these questions:


  • What is the message, imagery and story you’ll use?


  • What is the call to action (CTA)?


  • How does digital marketing support and build on other marketing channels?


  • How will you measure the success of the content?

The answers will vary according to your aims. Regardless, the content you create should be the manifestation of your strategy, and its effectiveness should be measured against the original goal.

For example, let’s say the content of your digital advertising screens is to welcome new customers and introduce the brand. The message and imagery can reflect ongoing brand strategy, campaign and promotions. A CTA could ask viewers to sign up for email specials, rewards programme, use promocodes etc – any of which can be easily measured.

Or if you want to increase sales of selected products or services by 15 percent, your digital content can focus on product benefits and promotional content. You can also focus a larger percentage of the playlist toward offers. In this case, the CTA could direct viewers to the merchandise in the store or allow them to reserve it. You can measure this content’s effectiveness simply by comparing the sales numbers before and after the products were promoted.

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