We've extended our digital display range

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We've extended our digital display range

Great news. We have extended our digital display offering with the addition of two new product ranges.

We believe we have one of the largest range of digital display screens – and some of the lowest prices online.

The new offering includes a range of entry level POS Digital Advertising Screens. Available in 10” and 15” options the screens are designed for use on shelves, desks, counters, sales areas and as part of retail displays. The basic model retails at £169.99 + tax and offers retailers the chance to start harnessing the power of digital advertising for a small investment. Upgrades on these screens include a Networked option and 10 point Multi Touch Screen version.

Multi Touch screens are at the heart of our second new product range. We believe these newly added top-rated Multi Touch Screens offer a truly interactive experience that your customers will love.

The 10 point PCAP technology allows users to manipulate images, zoom in and out as well as perform many other onscreen tasks.

Designed to work with both Windows and Android Operating Systems they work with websites, software and apps to help customers get more out of their visit - and help create “a truly memorable customer experience.”

The company’s complete digital display range can be seen at https://midwestdisplays.co.uk/collections/digital-display-screens


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