Digital Display Screens just made for POS

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Digital Display Screens just made for POS

Our very latest digital display screens are perfect for POS.

Offered in 10” and 15” options they reach the parts that larger digital screens cannot. Ideal for cash desks, desks and counters they can engage customers while you at the very place in which customers pay, sign up, book appointments, etc etc.

Or why not use them on shelves and as part of your instore display. They can engage and communicate with customers at a much more intimate level than larger screens, drawing the customer into what can feel like a private conversation, directed at them. 

With their tablet styling and edge-to-edge screens they will enhance any location. Built for commercial use they can be used 24/7 and operate on both Android and Windows operating systems.

Digital Display Screens at a Budget Price

Digital display screens

These screens make the ideal first toe in the water for those who have yet to commit to digital advertising. Not only is the entry-level price a real incentive, they are also packed with loads of useful features that make adding and updating content easy.

Digital marketing allows you to target your audience with scheduled content. It allows you to engage them with dynamic ads that allows a real indepth insight into your product and service range.

Upgrades are available that allow you to achieve even more with your campaigns. A networked option includes a built in network player making it even easier to create high impact advertising. Integrate logos, scrolling text, webpages and even videos to help build sales and boost your brand. Update remotely for even more convenience.

The Android PCAP Multi Touch Screen brings a new level of interactivity to your marketing. Let customers explore & order your products and services on screen. Let customers sign up to events and future marketing. Delegates can book in to events. Visitors can book up to appointments, courses and events. Latest 10 Point Touch technology offers a fully interactive experience - it even allows multiple users at any one time. PCAP technology offers the most responsive multi touch screen experience available.

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