How Much Does A Digital Menu Board Cost?

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How Much Does A Digital Menu Board Cost?

The cost of a digital menu board will vary depending on model and size. An entry-level 32” digital menu board costs £488 (plus vat) and digital menu boards are available in sizes up to 55”.

You’ll also need to include any additional costs including delivery, monitor mounts, installation and the cost of any warranty, support and additional software. 

Mid West Displays, for example, include a FREE 3yr warranty as standard with their range of digital menu boards. There is also free lifetime telephone tech support for this product range.

Is a Digital Menu Board Worth The Cost?

Each business is different but digital menu boards can bring long term benefits in terms of increased customer spend and brand loyalty that cannot be achieved by traditional printed menu boards.

In the short term, the cost saving from reduced print costs will contribute towards the cost of the menu boards.

In the medium term, they will influence buying decisions.

When you have a customisable digital menu board, you have the ability to influence buyer decisions. For example, you can cycle through specials during certain periods of the day. You may have a popular menu item that might run out, so you can combat customer frustration by promoting (and maybe discounting) another item. You can easily remove and add items - and it looks like nothing has changed from a customer perspective. In this manner, you can influence buyer decisions.

You may even have a more high-tech menu board where you have moving graphics either displaying the food or having steam come off the food to make it more enticing.

Digital menu boards allow for easy up-selling since you can flick through promotions such as “upgrade your order to a large for only £2 more.” Studies show that up selling really works and creates huge profit margins since soft drinks, for example, come with a 90% profit margin and a side of fries can cost merely a few pennies to the company.

In the long term they will build brand loyalty.

Building brand loyalty will help you thrive among the competition and increase margins. In helping you achieve this, the cost of the digital menu board will be an investment worth making.

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