Innovative Double Sided Display Screen Launched

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Innovative Double Sided Display Screen Launched

There is a new weapon in the battle to win customers back to the High Street.

Our innovative double sided digital screen featuring a state of the art 3,500 cd/m2 window facing screen – that is double the amount of their previous double sided screen.

For customers that means the screens keep on delivering high impact engaging content even in the most punishing of direct sunlight. And with the ability to deliver different content on the instore facing screen, this effectively doubles the impact of instore digital marketing.

We love the digital display screen's style and functionality. Ultra slim and lightweight it’s smart design ensures there are no stray cables to mess up the look of the window display. With built in speakers, it is easy to add the soundtrack to match the mood.

There are lots of eco-friendly features too. Smart temperature controls and high thermal conductivity increase the products performance and lifecycle, whilst minimising power use.

Creating Dynamic Content Your Customers' Will Love

ultra high brightness double sided digital screen

With a built in Android Media player, content can be uploaded from a USB stick, but the company also offers the chance to upgrade to our award-winning CMS network. This not only gives instant access to lots of marketing templates and designs, it also offer lots of features to help make like a little easier such as remote updating and user management that lets the team contribute. Smart scheduling apps also help target the right customers at the right time for maximum impact on brand & sales.

Creating dynamic content instore and in windows is essential to engage with customers and get them back on to the High Street. We believe this innovative screen will help shops, gyms, restaurants and fast food venues, salons and loads more places build their brand and grow their business at this important time.

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