Light Pollution Solutions

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Light Pollution Solutions

Many oversees clients are reporting that some European local authorities are asking them to take steps to reduce the amount of light pollution from their property displays – and this may be an increasing trend in the UK as pollution of all types is increasingly under scrutiny.

Some recent research has suggested the introduction of LED lighting has not had the expected impact on reducing brightness. Additionally, as the nature of High Streets and property selling change, many estate agents operate in increasingly ‘mixed’ areas and a responsible attitude to obtrusive light is essential.

Government guidance on light pollution already states

Lighting only when the light is required can have a number of benefits, including minimising light pollution, reducing harm to wildlife and improving people’s ability to enjoy the night-sky: Lighting schemes could be turned off when not needed (‘part-night lighting’) to reduce any potential adverse effects eg when a business is closed or, in outdoor areas, switching-off at quiet times between midnight and 5am or 6am. Planning conditions could potentially require this.

Help reducing obtrusive light issues for estate agents

Fortunately most estate agents will not be faced with any light pollution issues but if you are concerned about light pollution, or are looking for solutions in the event of issues with local authorities, our experience with 1000s of estate agents means we can offer some practical solutions.

  • Planning & Design. If you are installing for the first time or planning to upgrade, careful design and layout planning will ensure you can maximise the effectiveness of your display without flooding your neighbourhood with excess light. Less often is more when it comes to display and there are lots of other products that will help you build brand and boost your High Street presence. We always always consider light output in our designs.
  • Product Choice. Choosing the right product is essential. Many of our clients are told by less experienced suppliers to choose products with the most LEDs. We believe this is completely wrong advice – bad for potential light pollution, bad for energy-consumption and a bad display choice. We’ve worked with clients to make sure we use the correct amount of LED in our products – and we can also tailor the amount, brightness and even colour of the LED to suit your individual needs and location.
  • Post-installation. If you are looking to make reduce the light output of your current window display, we have a range of retro-fit solutions. Our unique digital timer allows you to control when your LED displays light up – so you can turn them off when displays are least likely to be viewed or during daylight hours. Our range of dimmers also allows you to reduce the brightness of your LED displays – even remotely, even from your mobile phone.

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