Map Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms

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Map Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms

Map wallpaper for children’s rooms open a world of learning, fun and style to any children’s bedroom or playroom.

Getting kids to learn is a priority for any parent and map wallpaper is a clever tool to add to the range of educational tools a parent has for their children. Almost any map can be used to create a high impact wallpaper so they are an excellent for kids to learn about their locale, their country of birth or heritage, a continent or even the whole wide world.

Image the sheer joy that comes with locating countries, cities and features on their map wallpaper. Let their imagination take flight as they chart imaginary worldwide journeys across their bedroom. Fire up their desire to explore and learn about their planet. The map will support their developing knowledge as the kids’ link the map to their lessons in history, geography and many other subjects.

map wallpaper for children's rooms

More about Map Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms

The wallpaper can also reflect kids growing interests. Their concerns over action on climate change for example can literally be mapped into their daily life. Kids can choose a map from a historical period they are interested in.

From a safeguarding point of view, local maps help kids find out about the immediate location, helping them understand about distances between places, becoming familiar with the safe and the less safe around them. You can physically mark the boundaries for your kids in the neighbourhood, and update these as kids grow in confidence to explore a wider area.

As well as their educational, safeguarding and other benefits, don’t forget that the maps look great – they add a real interest to the room, and your kids’ friends will be as impressed as your own children.

Choosing a high quality map wallpaper is a long term interior design solution. Selecting a colour fast wipeable paper is the sensible choice for kids’ rooms – and the wall covering adds interest to any wall, brightening up dark corners or creating the perfect feature wall.

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