These 3 organisations NEED map wallpaper

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These 3 organisations NEED map wallpaper

As well as creating an impact in any office or room, map wallpaper also brings many practical benefits to lots of organisations – and we’ll take a look at just 3 in this article.

Map Wallpaper for Estate Agents

It’s obvious but still true – map wallpaper is ideal for estate agents. From a practical point of view it allows staff and potential vendors to easily locate listings – without the need for intrusive screens or IT.

But map wallpaper offers a far more useful benefit – it becomes a focal point for conversation with clients that will allow the upsell of additional services in a seamless way.

The map can be used to highlight search areas, schools and amenities that are important to buyers. This conversation can then lead into further questions around property values – and mortgages and their own property valuation.

More generally the map gives the branch a sense of community – in some way the branch comes to feel a sense of ownership in the area that can help create a competitive advantage over rival agents.

Map Wallpaper for Food To Go Restaurants.

Yes everyone has sat nav but map wallpaper is a brilliant way to plan delivery routes to achieve the greatest efficiency. Map wallpaper will help you get the ‘knowledge’, the unique understanding of the area you operate in. For starters who might not be familiar with the area they are the perfect way to get to know their new surroundings.

But the map can also benefit the business in more ways. They are brilliantly visual way to plan and monitor marketing campaigns – identifying the streets, estates and areas that you want to target to drive out the competition and build name recognition in an increasingly competitive market.

Map Wallpaper for Schools

Map wallpaper is a brilliant teaching aid for schools. Kids will love finding out where they and their classmates live. They can be a useful way to make sure kids find the safest way home. But they are also a really useful teaching tool – helping kids learn about the historical, geographical and ecological aspects of the neighbourhood.

The maps come in bespoke sizes so it is easy to create maps for individual classrooms or for common areas such as corridors or assembly halls. Quality maps are durable and stain resistant so they are a practical option for schools.

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