Own your ‘hood with map wallpaper

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Own your ‘hood with map wallpaper

Maps have fascinated us for centuries – and now they are increasingly seen on walls as map wallpaper becomes a ‘must-have’ interior design finish.

Perhaps it is because traditional maps are fast being outpaced by technology but map wallpaper has become a hot trend in homes and in business. It is the ultimate in bespoke – a wall covering that incorporates the very street where you live – but with prices for manufacturing bespoke wallpaper at their lowest for years and the quality rising, it is no surprise to see the trend continue.

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Map wallpaper for business

For any business a map wallpaper makes a lot of sense. Traditionally map wallpaper for estate agents was the limit to the market. It was logical for local property professionals to use a map of the area to stake their claim to the local property market - and it is was a useful tool when telling buyers where to find listings or for buyers to show their preferred search areas.

But these maps are not just utilitarian. There are lots of opportunities to help them impact on the overall look and feel of a branch, supporting the overall estate agents display. Subtly incorporating corporate colours in the design, they can support the brand too.

But why should estate agents have all the fun? A map wallpaper will help any local business or organisation demonstrate their sense of community. Florists, cafes, community centres, gyms. leisure centres, libraries and lots more locations could benefit from these unique wall coverings.

Boardrooms, reception areas and breakout areas are ideal locations for these wall coverings.

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Map wallpaper for homes

Map wallpaper is also increasingly being used in domestic interior design schemes. They add a unique touch to any scheme and have the ability to add interest to any room, especially dark or difficult areas that often go unnoticed and wasted.

Kids, of course, are fascinated by maps – and the world of adventures they open up to the imagination. Any map can be used for map wallpaper so the world literally is their oyster. Contemporary maps, historical maps and maps of fictional worlds are all potential basis for the wall covering.

But why should kids have all the fun? From food themed map wallpaper for kitchens to coverings for home offices and studies, there are huge opportunities for using this stylish bespoke wallpaper throughout the home.

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