Stylish Mirror Fixings Are The Perfect Final Touch

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Stylish Mirror Fixings Are The Perfect Final Touch

Mirror fixings are a clever way to hide unsightly screws when fixing mirrors and other items directly onto a wall.

Using the correct screw is essential – we all know the traditional penalty for a broken mirror. But using mirror fixings could be regarded as equally important. Unsightly screws and fixings can detract from the look of the mirror – and the room in which it is placed.

Mirror fixings for other items that are traditionally mounted directly on to a wall. Domestically this might include vanity panels, splash-backs, poster frames etc. Commercially this could include items such as signs and display panels, wall mounted leaflet and brochure holders, wall-mounted display panels etc.

When to choose mirror fixings

Mirror fixings are perfect when the look of the finish is important. That won’t apply to all jobs when you are fixing directly to the wall, even when the screw heads can be seen. But around the home and office and in most commercial locations – shops, hotels, gyms, salons etc – looks matter and mirror fixings are required.

They also offer a low-cost (and quick fix) alternative to stand off fixings.

Mirror fixings literally cost pennies – but spend those pennies wisely. Look for high quality mirror fixings as these will do the job you want them to do. Hugh quality manufacture and durable finishes are important. As most products like these are purchased online today, it is impossible to tell the quality from the photograph – so look for a reputable UK-based vendor, read any reviews and check out the company’s Returns Policy just in case.

A high quality finish is essential. Otherwise the fixings will tarnish quickly and need replacing.

The fixings are easily available in a range of standard diameters to suit the screw used, and there is also a wide rang of finishes in colours and metal-style finishes.

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