Does my business need a digital menu board?

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Does my business need a digital menu board?

What is a digital menu board?

A digital menu board is an electronic screen that displays your menu items, products, or services. It can include everything from photos and text to graphs and rotating imagery. In the past few years, digital menus have become more popular in fast food restaurants, QSRs and takeaways as a tool for delivering high impact dynamic content.

As these signs become more widely used, you may be wondering if digital menus are right for your business. Weighing the benefits against the costs for installation, screens, and design software (though some companies offer more affordable digital menu board templates as an option), and time it would take to set up will be important factors in the decision.

Is your service a casual walk-up style?

Digital menus are great for businesses that have an open layout or a register and counter that the customer walks up to. Generally, this includes fast-food restaurants, QSRs, takeaways but can also include stores, reception areas in offices, hotel lobbies and many other environments.

Digital menu boards can be used throughout the environment to inform customers about products & services, update on ongoing promotions and increase revenue through promotion of upsells, new products etc. Digital menu boards are usually featured on internal walls and behind the service area for maximum effectiveness. They can be used in window space but we often recommend an ultra high brightness display screen that offsets the direct sunlight.

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Do you frequently update your menu?

Businesses that have frequent menu changes are great for digital menus as it is easier to update your digital menu on the fly than print new menus. Additionally, if you have products or menu items that frequently sell out, this is a great way to stay on top of editing your menu availability or indicating that something is sold out as soon as it happens.

Our FREE CMS Network upgrade & FREE 1 yr subscription offers access to scheduling software that allows you to make the most of your menu and the time of day or sales season. You can schedule the appearance of breakfast menus, lunchtime specials, Christmas deals etc with the handy app.

This helps keep the menu up-to-date.

In addition, this means saving money on reprinting materials. Of course, the upfront cost of installing a digital menu will be hefty — screens, software, installation, and time are all pieces to consider. This cost can vary depending on what services and products you choose, but can easily be in the thousands. After the initial upfront cost, though, digital menus can save your business significant amounts of money down the road if you often spend money on print due to frequent menu changes.

Do you offer specials or promotions?

Grocery stores that want to highlight their sale items, or even daily lunch and dinner specials, could benefit from digital menus. Using a digital menu can make sale items more noticeable with the use of bright or rotating imagery. This is also a great way to highlight new products or products that customers may not be aware of.

Since digital menus tend to be more engaging than traditional print products, customers are more apt to notice these updates or specialty products, making it easier to upsell and increase sales overall.

What's your brand?

Using a digital board instantly supports your brand by giving it a more modern look. Accessing marketing templates allows you decide the look and feel of your marketing to suit your customer profile. Strong images and aspirational copy can do wonders for sales and brand. Again, our FREE Network CMS upgrade offers user management functions so you can get all the crew involved.

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