We are switching to greener inks to support the environment

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We are switching to greener inks to support the environment
From 1st May 2019 we are making an important change to how we print our LED lightpocket frames.

From that date we will digitally print the frames. Previously we screen printed the frames.  The move will mean major changes to the way we make our bestselling LED lightpocket range – but we are committed to increasing the sustainability of our manufacturing processes.

We are making the switch to support the environment.

Screen printing requires the use of solvent inks. About 95% (by weight) of the ink is made up of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). While not harmful in themselves, VOCs can react with nitrogen oxides in the environment to cause low-level ozone, one of the major contributors to global warming. 

Disposing of used cartridges can impact on water and the soil.

Digital printing uses water-based inks (sometimes known as green inks) that contain far fewer VOCs (about 25% by weight) and, because we use a UV-process to dry the ink, none of the VOCs evaporate into the environment.

In addition, we will use less ink by moving to digital printing – reducing our impact on the environment further. 

The change will reduce our solvent-ink use by 95%

What the change means for customers.

The change to water-based UV-cured inks will slightly affect the finished colour of the frame. We will be using a digitally printed equivalent of our current colours. Therefore after May 1st we will no longer be able to exactly colour match frames that were produced before that date.

If you wish to order LED lightpockets that colour match your existing stock or products you have previously purchased PLEASE ORDER THESE PRODUCTS BY 30th APRIL 2019. All orders received on or after 1st May 2019 will be digitally printed.

If you wish to see a sample of the new range of standard colour finishes please contact us on 01743 46 55 31 or email us

The quality and durability of the finish is unaffected by this change.


What products are affected by this change?

All LED lightpockets will be affected by the change, including our standard Bevelled Edge range, Micro Bevelled Edge range, the ‘Fo’ and ‘Framed’ ranges. For a full list of affected product SKUs contact us by email or call 01743 46 55 31. IF IN DOUBT – CHECK BEFORE ORDERING

We have an ongoing commitment to sustainability and as a Group have set ambitious targets to reduce our impact on the environment. We believe our customers’ support this aim but if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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