What is a backlit poster?

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What is a backlit poster?

A backlit poster is a poster printed on paper made specially to be used in backlit LED poster frames and LED lightpockets. Backlit paper is a print medium that allows the diffusion of light.

This diffusion means that the posters are brighter, sharper and clearer than posters printed on traditional paper.

Using back lit paper offers the possibility of showing images under the best light thanks to its effect on three main aspects of color: tone, luminosity, and saturation.

Backlit paper is also sometimes called back lit paper, backlight paper or is sometimes known by brand names such as Duratrans.

When should I use a backlit poster?

If you have backlit LED as part of your display then it is essential to use a backlit poster. Using posters printed on non-backlit paper will compromise the quality of their look, and not show your photos or images at their fullest potential. The most usual backlit LED display items include  

Can I print backlit posters using my printer?

Most people who print on desktop inkjet printers can print their own backlit posters. They will have to use premium backlit paper for the best results and following tips on printing and drying. Most desktop printers are only able to print A4 & A3 size. If you require larger sizes you may need to use a specialist printer or a professional backlit printing service.

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