Inrush Protection with Digital Timer

Inrush Protection with Digital Timer

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Time clocks don't like the surge created when multiple power supplies are turned on and off at the start and end of the day. Its only milliseconds, but the surge of current burns out the contacts. Light Panels or Light Pockets use a power supply for each column of displays in the window. You can easily have 4, 6 or more in one display. You don't realise, but your timer does not go off when you go home. Check yours out, and see for yourself.

Mid West Displays have created a unique product made specifically for us. This product protects the timer against the inrush current surge ensuring your lights are turning off when you have gone home and coming on when required in the morning. This may look like an ordinary timer, but its only the cover that's ordinary. This has taken us almost a year to develop. Its not the cheapest, but its cheaper than leaving your lights on for 10 hours each night, when you think they are turned off!


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