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Backlit Paper | Premium Quality + 100% Recyclable

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Premium backlit paper delivers picture perfect true colour display images every time at an affordable price. 


  • Photos and print looks brighter and bolder and help create stunning displays
  • Printer friendly backlit paper is designed for use with most desktop and inkjet printers
  • Save £££s – no need to outsource your printing
  • Check out our bulk buy savings
  • Choose from A3 & A4 sheets in packs of 50 Matt/Matt or Matt/Gloss
  • Smooth print finish with photo-quality images and texts (printer resolution will affect quality)
  • Anti-curl and anti-fade



Product advice iconEnsure that your prints are COMPLETELY DRY TO TOUCH before inserting them into your light panel as this will stop the ink from smudging. To help you make the most of your backlit paper please read Things You Need to Know

Stock up & save up to 14%* on Premium Backlit Paper A3 & A4 Packs

  • Buy 3-5 packs in a single transaction & save up to 3.5%
  • Buy 6-10 packs in a single transaction & save up to 7%
  • Buy 11+ packs in a single transaction & save up to 14%

*cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotion

  • We supply Matt / Matt OR Matt/Gloss backlit paper. If you need help choosing the best paper for your print LIVECHAT the team today
  • Hand feed individually into printer
  • Handle as little as possible to avoid spoiling the coating
  • Set your printer ‘paper type’ setting to ‘other photo’ on ‘standard’ quality. You can also try ’photo’ quality or ‘best’ for more vibrant prints
  • The paper weight is 170 gsm and the thickness is 135 micro mil.
  • Most printers will accept these papers but we cannot guarantee it is suitable for your particular model.
  • Please contact your printer manufacturer for specific printer settings. Recommended conditions for use 10-30C
  • Ideally store in the original sealed packaging in a cool dry environment
  • Backlit paper is influenced by high humidity levels, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures
  • Please note images shown are for illustration purposes only. Colour and luminosity may be different in actual product.

Download our Premium Backlit Paper specification 

When should I use backlit paper?

Backlit paper is a specialised type of paper designed to enhance the visual impact of images and text when illuminated from behind. It is commonly used in various applications, including backlit frames and lightboxes, to create captivating displays and signage. The process of making backlit paper involves several key steps, and its usage offers numerous benefits to users.

Wherever you have a backlit display it is a good idea to use backlit paper. Today its use is very cost effective with A3 backlit paper and A4 backlit paper sheets costing little, easy to order and available in handy pack sizes. So you can use the paper daily with:

Can I use backlit paper with a desktop printer?

Yes. Our backlit paper has been especially made for use with everyday desktop and inkjet printers. Always double check with your printer manufacturer but the majority of printers are able to print on backlit paper.

Top tips for making the most of your backlit paper.

  • Recommended conditions for use 10-30 degrees centigrade
  • Store in a the original sealed packaging in a cool dry environment
  • Paper is influenced by high humidity levels, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures

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