Double A3 Landscape Classic Range LED Light Pocket Kits

Our Double A3 Landscape LED Light Pocket Kits are the perfect solution for making the most of your available window display space. 

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Say goodbye to dark shadows with our unique design which guarantees an even distribution of light across your graphics. The result? A stunning display that captures attention from every angle.

We've made changing your graphics a breeze. Simply slot them in and out of the front and back pockets - no tools required. This means you can effortlessly update your displays to keep your messaging fresh and relevant.

Your complete kit includes:

    • 2 x 4m cable (1.5mm)
    • Double pocket A3 Landscape LED light pocket(s)
    • Mounting supports
    • Transformer

Fitting Service - We fit nationwide, so let us do it for you. Our friendly, trained installers will work around you minimising any disruption to your working day. 

    We use maintenance-free low voltage LEDs with a minimum life expectancy of 30,000 to 60,000 hours. NO SPECIALIST ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION required. Powered using a 12 volt transformer that plugs directly into the mains.

    We are so proud of our the quality of our light panels that every LED light pocket we sell comes with a 12 month warranty as standard