Freestanding LED Displays

For high impact window and interior displays our freestanding LED displays are the smart choice!

Designed to help you make the most of your window & interior display space, our freestanding LED displays provide an eye-catching display solution. The subtle but bright LED light means the display works 24/7 - building brand, boosting your High Street presence and increasing sales.

Our low-energy LED makes these displays economical to run and virtually maintenance free. With a life expectancy of up to 60,000hrs these displays are a real investment in your business.

Buy Freestanding LED Displays from the UK's leading maker

As the leading name in display, we offer a complete range of display stands to suit every need. We manufacture our stands ourselves in the UK so you are certain of the best quality at genuine 'direct from manufacturer' value. BEWARE CHEAP IMITATIONS when comparing products and prices. 

We've already helped 1000s of clients create high impact displays - and our experienced team are here to help.