LED Light Pocket Display - Core Range Cable and Rod Mounted

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Our bestselling range of LED light pocket frames for stylish window & interior displays.

Made by us in the UK & complete with 12 month warranty, we have a huge selection of light pocket frames to suit your exact need. A large LED light pocket creates a high impact display in your window or on a wall. Or maximise your display space with a combination of LED light pockets.

We use maintenance free low voltage LEDs with a minimum life expectancy of 30,000 to 60,000 hours.

Manufactured with a smart bevelled edge design create a bright but subtle glow for 24/7 display success. The unique design of the light panel which ensures an even distribution of light. 

These LED light pockets are double sided for maximum use of your display space - and updating print, photos and branding is easy.

LED Light Pockets From the UK's Leading Brand

We've already helped 1000s of customers create high impact displays. We've got everything you need in one great website - a huge range of panels in three standard colours plus cable, transformers and clamps. 

These products require NO SPECIALIST INSTALLATION. If you need help to install your display our UK-wide installation service are the experts in installing these products. Find out more here 

Please note images shown are for illustration purposes only. Colour and luminosity may be different in actual product.