Multi LED Lightpocket Kits

Make a big impact in your display space! We make these stunning high quality multi pocket LED lightpockets ourselves in the UK for unbeatable quality & style.

UK's Leading LED Lightpockets Range

We've already helped 1000s of clients create high impact window and interior display with our stunning LED light pockets. 

Our smart design means these light pockets look great in any store, showroom, salon and sales area. The bright but subtle LED glow immediately draws the viewers’ attention, and the display works 24/7 to promote your brand, goods and services.

Our multi LED light pockets are perfect for making the most of available space. There are 2, 3 or even 4 pockets on the same LED backlit panel. Choose A4 or A3 - or even a combination of the two sizes to create eye-catching displays. 

The best quality LED Lightpockets online.

Unlike many other suppliers, we manufacture our complete range of LED lightpockets ourselves here in the UK. That’s great news for UK jobs and investment but also means our customers are buying the highest possible quality at genuine ‘direct from manufacturer’ value.

You won’t these quality light pockets at these prices elsewhere – beware cheap imitations.

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A Sustainable Display Solution

Our LED light pockets offer a sustainable solution for your display needs. We use high quality acrylic for our pockets – their durability means they have a much longer life expectancy than lower grade alternatives. When no longer required the acrylic can be fully recycled and the recycled material used in a wide variety of products.

We use the latest in LED technology in our frames. Low-energy and maintenance free the LED lighting has a life expectancy of up to 60,000 hrs even when in constant use.

Easy to Install With Our Complete All-in-1-Kits

Buy our complete LED light pocket kit and you’ll find everything you need to install in your location. Each kit includes

  • mounting cable (or rod for A0 pockets)
  • mounting support clamps
  • transformer

Designed for easy updating, the frames are durable and easy to maintain in their ‘just purchased’ look.

If you need any help with installation, we have a UK-wide installation service. Our installers have years of experience installing our frames so they can install with the minimum of disruption and for the maximum display impact.  Designed for easy updating, the frames are durable and easy to maintain in their ‘just purchased’ look.