Travel Agency Window Display & Interior Display

the next gen LED lightpockets

Stylish, sustainable and simple to install & update, Claralight™ LED lightpockets are packed with innovative features & made by us in the UK.

make a BIG impact on the High Street

With backlit frames up to a huge A0 your inspiring images and photos are sure to get noticed. Brilliant for windows and interiors.


delivering dymamic digital content

Customers love digital content & with our range of top-rated commercial advertising display screens you'll soon be harnessing the power of digital advertising.

Inspiring wanderlust with high-impact interior and travel agency window display.

We can help you create sales-supporting and brand-building displays that make the most of your inspirational and aspirational imagery, photography and digital content.

Our sector leading LED lightpockets bring out the best in your images and photography turning visitors into ventures. Easy to install, easy to update our Made In Britain (by us) double sided backlit frames promote your business and holidays 24/7

It’s never been easier to harness the power of digital advertising. We have a feature-rich advertising display screen to suit every need, every location & every budget. Easy to install and intuitive to set up you’ll soon be delivering dynamic and engaging digital content that will help you inspire, inform and immerse your customers.

Digital display screens complement static visuals & can be used to showcase dynamic content such as videos, live updates on travel deals, and customer testimonials. Integrating a variety of media formats engages customers on a deeper level, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the travel agency's services and offerings.

In the travel agency window display, a mix between cable-mounted LED light pockets and digital screens creates an attention-grabbing showcase that is both inspiring and informative. Passersby are drawn to the dynamic visuals, and the combination of static and interactive elements ensures that the display stands out in a crowded urban environment. This not only increases foot traffic but also creates a lasting impression on potential customers.

But we are not just products. As a leading name in retail display we offer a complete range of services to ensure you maximise the impact of your display. We can help design your window or interior display, manufacture bespoke solutions, install your display and even help screen set-up. Our friendly team are here to help – not hard sell, and you’ll receive help from initial enquiry to project completion – and beyond thanks to our free warranties.