Bespoke Flight Cases

bespoke flight case

We pride ourselves on the durability of our digital screens - but there are times when you need extra peace of mind. 

Our bespoke flight cases are designed for screens that are regularly on the move. You might be moving an interactive touch screen between your stores, or you use digital screens as part of your trade shows and exhibitions. You might take your smart digital A-board to different sales events and shows.

Whatever the reason, if the screen is on the move for a few minutes or thousands of miles durable, sturdy and easily maneuverable flight cases are the perfect selection to ensuring your screen(s) stay safe, secure and damage free.

bespoke flight case service

Why bespoke flight case?

No two needs are ever the same. The type, size and number of screens to be moved varies for each customer so we have decided to offer a bespoke flight cases are tailored to the customers' exact needs.

What does not change is the build quality. Expert fabricators ensure the screens are encased securely and that the flight cases can withstand tough treatment from couriers, baggage handlers and exhibition stand construction teams - even your own team!

bespoke flight case service

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