Illuminated LED signs

Support your brand with high quality LED illuminated signs for indoors and out.

As the leading name in display, we can manufacture bespoke illuminated LED signs for your business. Using low-energy LED technology, the signs are maintenance free with a lifetime expectancy of up to 60000hrs.

The subtle but bright LED light adds eye-catching appeal wherever the signs are used. We can manufacture exterior signs, window signs and signs for use as part of your interior display. With almost no limit to size, shape and colour, our high quality signs are a genuine investment in your brand.

Our design team can even design your sign from the ideas and info you supply (charges may apply).

  • Either call us on 01743 465531 or email us with your requirements. You can include sizes, photos, drawings and brand guidelines in your email.
  • Once we have all the info we need we will contact you with a price and delivery date.
  • Once we've received payment we'll start to manufacture your stylish & brand-boosting LED sign
  • Always refer to our Terms and Conditions

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