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A4 Claralight LED Light Pocket | Mount Portrait or Landscape

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More Sustainable. More Style. More Impact.

A real breakthrough product Claralight™ LED lightpocket brings eye-catching contemporary styling to any display – just one of the many innovations we’ve packed into this next gen LED lightpocket.

The most sustainable LED lightpocket you can buy. Customers are increasingly favouring companies who lower their environmental impact and the Claralight LED lightpocket offers a sustainable choice for your display needs. We put sustainability at the heart of the product development and over 60% of the panel is made from recycled materials - with no compromise on quality or durability. 

And there's more good news for the environment - Claralight™ LED lightpockets use 40% less power than our standard LED lightpocket with no loss of brightness. An A4 panel used 4watts (compared to 6watts for a standard lightpocket). Powered by state-of-the-art 24v LEDs the lightpockets run cooler than standard 12v LEDs = less energy use = lower running costs. They last longer too - even more hours of maintenance low-energy LED display.

We haven't forgotten that display success is about ‘the look’ – and the Claralight™ panel is a real head turner. With its contemporary tablet-styling, smart gloss black lenses and slim build it looks beautiful but doesn’t detract from photos and details. Claralight is 40% lighter than our standard panel – not just great for looks but making it easier to handle. It’s slimmer too at just 14mm deep.

The patent-pending panel design is designed for easy installation. To mount the panel simply click the mounting cable into the clips incorporated into the design – and that’s it. In seconds, the panel is lit up, and ready for you to add your graphic.   You can display any panel in landscape or portrait orientation - you can reconfigure your display in minutes for unbeatable display versatility. 

All displays must be located a min 300mm behind window.

For the best price for your display needs, to book an onsite survey or simply to find out more... 

All displays must be located a min 300mm behind window.

Panel Size & Orientation

Cable Centres

A3 Landscape 446.4mm w x 323.4mm h


A3 Portrait 323.4mm w x 446.4mm h


A4 Landscape 323.4mm w x 236.4mm h


A4 Portrait 236.4 mm w x 323.4mm h


A2 Landscape 625mm
A2 Portrait 450mm
A1 Landscape 872mm
A1 Portrait 625mm

we plant a tree for every order

made in GB for unbeatable quality

free 12 month warranty

We work with The Future Forest Company to support their work to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, restore biodiversity and fight climate change. Their mission is to plant enough trees to remove 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030 & your order will help. Click here for more info

We manufacture all our LED lightpockets ourselves at our UK factory. The success of the range will ensure the continued manufacturing of LED lightpockets in the UK for years to come. That's good news for jobs and great news for UK manufacturing. We continue to invest £m to ensure we remain the UK's #1 brand.

You cannot buy a better quality LED lightpocket - and our free 12month warranty with every purchase gives you extra peace of mind. Durable and made to last Claralight LED lightpockets offer a long-term display solution. And our expert UK customer service team are here to help - from enquiry to installation.