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Electronic Shelf Labels

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Grab shoppers’ attention on retail shelving units with interactive eye-catching digital endcap displays

electronic shelf labels electronic shelf labels digital price tags


Electronic Shelf Labels Are Revolutionising Retail Shelving

Upgrade from boring, costly and unsustainable printed shelf labels to unlock new possibilities with digital shelf labels: utilise eye-catching animation for in-store marketing and remotely publish dynamic pricing strategies in an instant. 


Promote & Sell More With Synchronised Multiple Displays

Our electronic shelf labels' multi-screen synchronisation function allows you to place multiple displays side-by-side and run attention-grabbing content seamlessly across the entire promotional endcap.

Streamlined Enclosure & Brilliantly Clear HD Resolution

Designed to maximise the impact of content, these electronic shelf tags feature a sleek, narrow bezel. The compact design also adds to the aesthetic and reduces strain on shelf edges.And unlike DV-LED shelf-edge displays, this solution uses a high definition LCD panel to provide a clear image - perfect for detailed content, QR codes, and displaying video.

In-cell PCAP Touch 

Customers love an interactive experience - its easy thanks to in-cell PCAP technology. This ensures superior optical quality and keeps weight to a minimum. Even if not initially required, built-in touch functionality ensures displays are futureproof and is included at no extra cost.

700cd/m2 IPS Panel + Anti-Glare Coating

Designed for brightly-lit retail spaces, the high brightness nature of these electronic shelf labels means content really stands out. Plus, the commercial IPS panel guarantees accurate image quality at an ultra-wide viewing angle in any direction. Shelf-edge displays must compete with bright lighting and being mounted at upwards-tilted angles, which can make small text difficult to read. To combat this, these digital shelf labels feature a special anti-glare coating that diffuses reflections without reducing brightness.

FREE Network Upgrade

No matter how advanced your requirements are, we can provide specialised software packages upon request to help bring your vision to life. These include the facility to synchronise the content with existing stock systems.

electronic shelf label specification sheet

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) have emerged as a transformative force in on-shelf marketing within retail spaces.

These innovative digital displays offer retailers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and dynamism in managing their product pricing and information. One of the primary advantages of ESLs lies in their ability to streamline pricing updates. In contrast to traditional paper labels, ESLs allow instantaneous price changes across all shelves with a few clicks. This agility empowers retailers to swiftly respond to market fluctuations, implement promotional strategies, and execute dynamic pricing tactics in real-time, fostering a more competitive edge.

Moreover, electronic shelf tags serve as a powerful medium for enhancing on-shelf marketing initiatives. Beyond merely displaying prices, these electronic labels can showcase product information, highlight key features, and even engage customers with dynamic content such as videos or QR codes linking to additional resources. By providing consumers with rich and interactive experiences at the point of purchase, ESLs amplify brand engagement and drive conversion rates, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, ESLs facilitate personalised marketing strategies tailored to individual consumer preferences. Through integrated data analytics and connectivity with customer relationship management systems, retailers can leverage ESLs to deliver targeted promotions, personalized recommendations, and relevant product information directly to shoppers' fingertips. This level of customization enhances the overall shopping experience, fosters brand loyalty, and cultivates long-term customer relationships.