Freestanding Display Stands | for exhibitions stands & venues

Freestanding Display Stands | for exhibitions stands & venues

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More Sustainable. More Style. More Display Impact.

This innovative display stand delivers true colour displays and engaging digital content EXACTLY where it creates the most impact in your venue or on your exhibition stand. Easy to install, easy to update and manufactured to last this is a truly versatile stand is the perfect promotional and sales solution. 

Claralight LED freestanding banner

After years of research and product development we have launched our most sustainable freestanding display. The LED lightpockets are manufactured using recycled material. The frame and back are manufactured from at least 80% recycled content. The Low Density Polyethelyne (LDPE) used to produce the core of the material is 100% recycled. The material is manufactured in the UK - further reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing. 

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With this innovative stand, you can integrate digital screens in your display. The commercial grade 15" screens simply slot into the frame - dynamic digital content is delivered in seconds. You can swap screens in the frame to refresh your display in seconds. Content can be uploaded easily thanks to integrated Plug n Play software or a FREE network upgrade and FREE 1yrs CMS Subscription gives you access to loads of marketing, scheduling and management tools to take your marketing to the next level

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Our unique Patent-pending design means the panels are powered via magnetised connectors, not wires - making them super reliable and perfect for delivering content 24/7. 

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Simply plug the Claralight™ freestanding LED into your nearest power socket- and that's it!  No specialist installation required, and you can locate your display EXACTLY where it will get noticed and help you build brand, boost sales and beat the competition. With its unbeatable build quality the stand can be moved as often as needed and will deliver high-impact display for years and years. 

For the best price for your display needs, to book an onsite survey or simply to find out more... 

Its never been easier to keep your display refreshed. Swap panels in seconds for an eye-catching brand-building sales-boosting display.

See your display light up in seconds. Simply insert your LED lightpocket panel or digital monitor into the frame - and that's it.

Updating graphics, photos and brand images is simple. Remove the lens and add the image - job done.

For unbeatable quality.

We manufacture all our LED lightpockets ourselves at our UK factory. The success of the range will ensure the continued manufacturing of LED lightpockets in the UK for years to come. That's good news for jobs and great news for UK manufacturing. We continue to invest £m to ensure we remain the UK's #1 brand.

We plant a tree for every order.

We work with The Future Forest Company to support their work to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, restore biodiversity and fight climate change. Their mission is to plant enough trees to remove 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030 & your order will help. Click here for more info

Exhibition Standout.

Lightweight, durable, versatile and engineered especially for portability, our media display stand is a head-turning eye-catching high-impact sales & promotional solution for exhibitions, conferences and events. Free 12month warranty with every stand.

Engineered for Portability.

Our unique patent-pending design means the panels within the frame are pwered via magnetised connectors not wires - making the display super reliable even when relocated from event to event, location to location.