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Freestanding PCAP Touch Screen Digital Posters

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Commercial touch screen totems with giant tablet styling; perfect for creating interactive experiences.

touch totems with giant table

Commercial touch totems


Commercial touch totems with giant tablet styling

Ultra Responsive Interactivity
Optimum sensitivity to touch gestures and rapid response times ensure that users have a smooth, effortless experience. There’s no need t o touch the same thing multiple times or wait for a touch to register when interacting with these ultra-responsive displays.

Giant Freestanding Tablet
The tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim perceived depth, aluminium surround and narrow border around the screen give a captivating tablet-like aesthetic. They also protect the internal components from potential damage in public spaces.

Internal Locker
Having a lockable compartment in the rear of the display with space to fit a small PC or media player means running the screen from an external source is easy – simply use the HDMI or VGA and 5mm audio inputs. This device can be powered from inside the locker with no need for additional power cables.

10-Point PCAP Touch
With projected capaciti ve technology and up to 10 touch points, users can perform a variety of touch gestures. This includes manipulating images and zooming in/out, similar to using a domestic tablet or smartphone. These features also allow multiple users to interact with the screen at the same time.

Surface Plasma Treatment
A special oleophobic coating makes the glass front more resistant to the oily residue left by fingerprints, as well as improving the smoothness of touch gestures. Unlike other touch screens on the market, this glass is not etched to vastly enhance the optical clarity.

Easy Manoeuvrability
Thanks to the lightweight design, integrated castors and recessed rear handles, these displays offer a portable solution that can be easily be moved around. For more permanent installations, the retractable feet can be used to keep the display in place.

450cd/m2 IPS Panel
Commercial grade IPS technology ensures incredible image quality and colour depth with no fall-off in colour accuracy, as well as achieving ulti mate lifelike colour from an ultra-wide viewing angle in portrait orientation.

Android Media Player
The built-in Android media player allows you to easily run and update on-screen content via a website, our own online CMS platform or any other compatible third-party software.

Touch CMS
No coding is required to quickly and easily create your own interactive content using our cloud-based Content Management System, which can be packaged with the display for a small charge. Instantly publish or schedule content to individual screens or an entire digital signage network, the choice is yours.