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As a thank you for signing up to our newsletter you have been sent a promocode giving you 10% off. Simply enter the code MIDWEST10 to the coupon box at checkout & we will do the rest.  Here are the terms & conditions The code can only be used. It can be used with any purchase during the first 6 months following your sign up to the newsletter The discount applies to product value only. It excludes VAT and delivery charges. Digital and bespoke products are EXCLUDED If you have any further questions please contact sales@midwestdisplays.co.uk

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How Do I Install Suspended Cable Through Ceiling Tiles?

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Having marked out the floor positions, use a plumb bob to find the location on the ceiling directly over the floor position. Ensure the ceiling location is on the tiles and avoids the metal supports. Remove the ceiling tile. Cut a 2” x 1” wooden baton in the same width as your ceiling tile. Drop the baton into place above the ceiling tile and replace the tile. A Unscrew the fixing plate from the ceiling fixing and securely fix to your mark on the ceiling tile. Ensure that the fixing goes through the tile and into the wooden baton. A...

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