How Do I Install Suspended Cable Through Ceiling Tiles?

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  • Having marked out the floor positions, use a plumb bob to find the location on the ceiling directly over the floor position. Ensure the ceiling location is on the tiles and avoids the metal supports.
  • Remove the ceiling tile. Cut a 2” x 1” wooden baton in the same width as your ceiling tile. Drop the baton into place above the ceiling tile and replace the tile. A
  • Unscrew the fixing plate from the ceiling fixing and securely fix to your mark on the ceiling tile. Ensure that the fixing goes through the tile and into the wooden baton. A
  • Do the same to the floor with the fixing plate from the cable tensioner. B
  • Hang the cable from the ceiling fixing allowing it to unwind. C
  • Undo the small brass fitting D attached to the cable inside the tensioner E with the 1.5mm allen key provided. Slide the brass fitting up the cable and with the cable pulled tight, retighten this fitting, flush with the top edge of the floor fixing. B
  • Cut off the cable so that it sits 5mm below the top edge of the floor fixing.
  • Screw the outer body of the tensioner E onto the floor fixing.
  • You should feel the tension starting to be taken up just before the tensioner is screwed fully down. Note. Check that the cable • will pull gently out against the spring. If there is no movement the tension is to strong and the brass fitting needs to be moved down the cable.

         Remember, the cable is only as strong as your ceiling fixing.

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how to install suspended cable in ceiling tiles

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