Use freestanding LED displays for high impact window displays

Posted by Brett Sidaway on

Use freestanding LED displays for high impact window displays

Choosing off-the-shelf or bespoke freestanding LED lightpocket displays can be a great way to create a high impact window display in any branch, salon, travel agency or recruitment agency (plus many other locations)

Firstly the subtle but bright glow of our energy-efficient LED light pockets ensure the display will be noticed 24/7.

Secondly, you can mix and match print sizes to suit your exact needs. We manufacture these high quality light pockets ourselves in the UK - so they are manufactured to last and designed to help add value to your brand. There is a range of standard finishes and colours but our bespoke manufacturing service means most colours, sizes and configurations are no problem.

Our display design team can also create a bespoke solution for your exact needs, taking into account your branch and window layout as well as the number of properties you need to feature. We've already provided this service for 1000s of estate agents, salon owners and many others - you're in safe hands with us.

Although most of our freestanding LED display stands require NO SPECIALIST ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION we do offer an installation service for all our display ranges.

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