An Introduction to Standoffs

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An Introduction to Standoffs

In a previous post, we introduced offered a simple  standoffs users guide. Standoffs can not only be used to make your signs stand out, but they can make it ''pop'' right off the wall. A standoff works like a complex screw but offers additional durability as well as style.

A standoff is a threaded separator that has a defined length, and it is used to raise one assembly above the other. The shape of standoffs will vary, but they will generally round in shape. Standoffs are often grouped together with spacers. While standoffs and spacers are often used together, they are not the same. A spacer is an unthreaded fastener, and a spacer cannot be tightened because of its round shape. This is a key difference between standoffs and spacers.

Spacers and standoffs are both hollow tubes that can be used to connect two components will allowing enough space between them. Standoffs and spacers are generally used to position the parts. Like standoffs, spacers have been designed for reliability and flexibility for any type of design requirement.  As mentioned earlier, spacers are generally unthreaded. Since a spacer is usually an unthreaded piece of tubing, it can be used to successfully accommodate an entire bolt. However, the interiors can be smooth or threaded. Spacers can also have a round shape, hex-shape, or a smooth shape, like standoffs.

Who Can Use Standoffs and Spacers?

Standoffs are ideal for mounting signs, some types of wall mounted retail display stands and other rigid print. While standoffs are a small  they can have a major impact on the look you are trying to achieve. There are different types of standoffs that can be used for different purposes. The main difference types are size and finish. You’ll need the correct standoff for the dimension of the hole in the sign or rigid print, and its thickness. So for example a S1 standoff is 18mm long and 16mm dia and is for use with panels 2mm to 13mm wide. 12mm holes are required. It is important to check the hole diameter and thickness of the material to be mounted before ordering the standoff.

We sell aluminium and brass standoffs. Aluminium is light and it can hold up well in even the harshest temperatures. Brass is equally as sturdy, looks smart but brass stand-offs are heavier, and usually more expensive.

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