Top Benefits of Digital Advertising Screens for your business

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Top Benefits of Digital Advertising Screens for your business

Digital advertising screens are growing in popularity – with businesses large and small incorporating digital screens as part of their window or instore display. But what are the advantages for a business.

We take a look at the best reasons for your business to go digital

1. Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

With increased competition from the internet and on the High Street engaging with a targeted audience is the best way to build your brand and boost sales. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays, and 8/10 customers claim to have entered a store simply because digital signage caught their attention. So how does this affect business? Well, more views mean more opportunities to impact sales, and more interest means more customers in your doors, all of which can lead to opportunities for greater sales.

2. More Impulse Purchases

BLM Technology report that “David Bawarsky, an authority in the tech community, states that 19% of people admitted to making an unplanned purchase because of digital signage. When you compound these unplanned purchases with digital signage’s effect on purchase amount, it’s easy to see how much of a boon digital signage can be to business.”Clever scheduling software is standard on many digital display screens – and these allow for even more sophisticated messaging to encourage impulse purchases.

benefits of digital advertising screens

3. I CAN Get Satisfaction

Digital signage can have a hugely positive effect on your customers’ overall experiences. In fact, according to a Digital Signage Today article, customers that interact with digital signage report 46% higher satisfaction. These are the kind of improvements to customers’ experiences that can help lead to better customer retention – and increase average spend per customer without increasing other marketing costs.

4. Higher Growth

With an ability to deliver high impact content that is easily updated and scheduled to target audiences throughout the day and across the sales calendar, it is not too surprising that recent reports state that many brands experience a significant increase (as much as 33%) in sales after implementing digital signage.

5. Building Brand

Building BrandIn addition to impulse purchases and additional sales through scheduled content, digital displays will also help you build brand – and that is the best way to secure your long term growth. Building brand means you don’t have to compete on price alone. Brand builds a loyal customer base, receptive to new services, products and events. Brand means customers are happy to act as ambassadors for your company. Brand helps you differentiate your company from your competition. Digital advertising is only a part of your brand building but importantly it can help you deliver brand content in a compelling format.


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