Life’s brighter with backlit paper

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Life’s brighter with backlit paper

Backlit paper is designed to make the mot of backlit LED light pockets, backlit frames & light box displays. It creates the brightest image possible, delivering vivid true colour on print, photographs and product images.

Creating the best possible images is essential for any business. For food-based business printing on backlit paper can help create the truly mouthwatering images that attracts customers – and can increase upsells and promotions. For retailers, great quality images help build brand & sell more property – in the Instagram age the quality of the image is all important. For salons beauty images and products demand beautiful bright photos – getting skin tones and hair colours as accurate as possible will help sell your goods and services. And for estate, their vendors deserve that their properties are displayed in the possible way.

How does backlit paper work?

Backlit paper is a print medium that allows the diffusion of light. It is designed for use with backlit displays and backlit signs, lightboxes and many other illuminated displays. Backlit paper is 50% off the effect of a backlit display. Not using backlit paper compromises the value of your display; using the paper enables images, photos, branding and other print look sharper, clear and brighter.

Using back lit paper offers the possibility of showing images under the best light thanks to its effect on three main aspects of colour: tone, luminosity, and saturation.

Do I need special printer for to print on backlit paper?

When you choose a quality backlit paper you can print with everyday desktop and inkjet printers. Always double check with your printer manufacturer but the majority of printers are able to print on backlit paper. That’s a real bonus – because it saves on the cost of using a 3rd party printer and also means you can update displays easily & inexpensively which is essential for many businesses.

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