How Much Does Map Wallpaper Cost?

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How Much Does Map Wallpaper Cost?

The cost of map wallpaper will vary from project to project. The quality of the product and the amount of wallpaper needed will affect the cost. Mid West Displays offer a free no-obligation estimate based on room size provided.

Does Map Wallpaper Vary In Quality?

Yes. Like other wallpaper, the quality of map wallpaper will vary from supplier to supplier. It is essential that you look for high quality map wallpaper as this will provide a long term solution – not only will it be easier to use, it will look better & last longer.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing map wallpaper

Easy Hang. Non-woven paper is much more hard wearing than traditional wallpaper, making them very easy to hang and more durable. No need for pasting tables as this easy hang wallpaper is pasted directly to the wall.

Straight match. An experienced map wallpaper manufacturer will make bespoke wallpaper based on the map specification you supply, and that means drops will always will always match up.

Paste the wall. ‘Paste the wall’ technology means you don’t need to soak the paper making it much quicker and easier to attach to the wall than traditional pasting methods. By pasting to the walls, our wallpapers do not become saturated, resulting in an easy and fast way to put up your wallpaper.

Light Fast. Unlike traditionally printed wallpapers, our UV-resistant wallpapers will not fade over time. Look out for manufacturers who offer a 20 year light fastness guarantee on their map wallpaper.

Wipeable. Choosing wipeable map wallpaper is a must for most environments – whether to overcome kids sticky fingers or the day-to-day spills from the general public when used in commercial locations. These wallpapers can be wiped with a damp cloth. Our paper is 100% natural (cellulose) and does not have a chemical layer.

Map wallpaper is a great way to add a unique touch to rooms in homes, offices, estate agents and other commercial locations but choosing a high quality wallpaper is essential for a long term solution.

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