Gone in 0.042 seconds

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Gone in 0.042 seconds

We've tweaked our digital screens' firmware to deliver seamless synchronisation across multiple screens for even more engaging content that customers' will love.

The ability to synchronise content across multiple displays has been available with our network screens for over 6 years now, and other platforms promote this feature – so what makes our most recent development different?

We have been hard at work to develop new firmware for our latest Android PC board which is featured in all of our new displays. One huge improvement in the latest firmware version is that we have minimised the perceived lag of synchronisation to less than 0.042 seconds! This means that there is no visible delay between the content on each screen, creating endless exciting possibilities of truly dynamic content.

The synchronisation of screens is the foundation stone of high impact screen walls or installations at the checkout.  It makes it possible to enrich the experience of available space and to increase impact by offering multiple possible interactions.

Synchronising screens can help deliver promotional or marketing campaigns more effectively and can help build brand with content that is unique to your organisation. 

Our fully trained staff are here to help you make the most of all the features of your digital screen. Synchronising screens is a feature of most of our Android-based digital display screens range & setting up synchronisation is easy - and now even better with our improved synchronisation firmware.


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