Choose Ultra High Brightness Screen for Opticians Displays

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Choose Ultra High Brightness Screen for Opticians Displays

Using digital content as part of your opticians’ window displays can help boost sales, build brand – and banish the competition. 

It is important to choose the correct digital display screen for your opticians displays. You’ll need a stylish screen, and one that offers a level of features that will enable you to create content, update with new content as well as schedule and synchronise that content for maximum marketing impact.

For a window display you’ll need a screen that is manufactured to work in direct sunlight.

An Ultra High Brightness display screen is the perfect choice for a window displays in direct sunlight as it is created specifically to work even in the brightest direct sunlight. With a brightness of 2,500cd/m2 it is 10 times brighter than a domestic television. Content can be viewed even on the brightest days and in the windows facing directly into the sun.

Another problem that can occur with some digital screens is blackening. In direct sunlight some monitors will overheat and blackening on the panel will occur. We use commercial-grade screens with a special ultra-high brightness panel that can withstand surface temperatures up to 110˚C with no blackening defect occurring making this the number one choice for window displays 

A High Impact Screen for Opticians Displays

opticians display window

Once you’ve chosen your screen you’ll be able to create compelling marketing content. A simple to use Plug N Play option allows you to easily upload content, which then plays on a continuous loop. Upgrade to a Network Subscription and you can access advanced marketing content and features. You’ll be able to synchronise content across multiple screens and schedule content to make the most of your passing footfall.

Promoting special offers, introducing new ranges or brands, building loyalty programmes or using video to demonstrate products and services has never been easier. You can use the screen as a monitor to incorporate video, social media, apps and loads more.

Each screen comes complete with a FREE 3yr warranty and FREE lifetime telephone tech support. Our digital display team is fully trained to help ensure you make the most of your screen. If you have any questions call them on 01743 46 55 31

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