Where to buy sign stand off fixings

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Where to buy sign stand off fixings

Sign stand off fixings can be bought at specialist trade counters or online from sign supplies manufacturers or suppliers.  Specialist suppliers will usually have a wider choice of sign stand offs in a range of finishes, as well as the experience to help choosing the correct standoff for the project.

Which sign stand off fixing do I need?

Standoffs are used to mount rigid printed photographs and images, panels, artwork and signs. The type of sign stand off fixing required will depend on the depth of the item to be mounted, the distance from the wall required and the size of the drill holes to fix to the barrel to the wall.

With these three variables it is important to ensure you are clear which sign stand off fixing you are buying. Our online information about our sign stand off fixings gives you all the information you need. Clicking the ‘Product Dimension & Indo’ tab will give you access to the info.

With that info, use the drop down Code & Size box to locate the product you have required. Then select the finish you need & an image of the exact standoff is shown – taking the guess work out of buying the product.

If you still have any questions our Live Chat is manned throughout our opening hours & the team will reply to enquiries in real time so there will be no delay in ordering the standoffs for your project. Remember we’ve been supplying these products since 2004 so we are here to help.

More about sign stand off fixings

Our range comes in four standard finishes

  • Polished chrome
  • Polished brass
  • Satin chrome
  • Black

We are proud of the quality of these finishes. Whether used indoors or out, the finish is durable and great looking. Cheaper versions often have poor quality finishes that require replacement so become an expensive option in the long run.

For our complete range visit here

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