Why Choose Cable Displays?

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Why Choose Cable Displays?

Cable display systems use steel cables to suspend acrylic poster frames. They've become the industry standard shop window display for estate agents, travel agents, recruitment agents and a brilliant for sports and leisure centres, schools and colleges, showroom, salons and sales centres.

Cable display systems use a pair of clamps to suspend poster pockets vertically on steel cable. The bottom and top of the cable are affixed to a wall, floor or ceiling and the cables are then tightened and the poster pockets are attached using stand off locators that screw tight onto the cable.

Cable Displays are an effective way to create a contemporary window or interior display. They are relatively quick and easy to install, offer great value for money and can be updated / repaired / extended easily thanks to the availability of cable display kits and components.

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Cable and Displays can be mounted from floor to ceiling, ceiling to wall, wall to floor and even wall to wall so they can be used to turn all available space into value display and promotional space. The poster pockets come in a range of sizes and configurations – again to make the most of your available space.

Made from high quality acrylic the poster pockets are made to last in even the busiest retail environment, and are designed to be easily updated.

What are the benefits of cable displays?

Cable displays allow you to make the most of available window and wall space. They can be fitted without the need for specialist installation and are a low-cost option that also looks smart. With widely available cable display clamps & supports and accessories, they are easy to repair and extend.

cable displays

Cable displays can also used to create window and interior shelving and POS displays.

If you are using cable display for the first time, look for a complete cable display kit that includes the correct fixings, clamps and locators – then add the cable display pockets to suit the space available.

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