10 Benefits of Digital Advertising Screens

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10 Benefits of Digital Advertising Screens

We read a lot about the increasing use of digital advertising screens but what are the benefits for small to medium organisations? From stores to leisure venues, restaurants to reception areas it has never been easier to add digital display and here are some great reasons why you should.


  1. Digital content engages with your visitors making them more likely to buy, join, sign up or any number of actions that you require.
  2. Digital screens include features that allow you to more closely target your marketing activities. Scheduling software for example allows you to deliver marketing messages tailored to the time of day, season or event.
  3. Digital screens allow you to swiftly create marketing campaigns in reaction to news stories, local events, competitor activity etc
  4. Digital marketing allows you to communicate in much greater detail about a much wider range of products and services than traditional marketing metods
  5. With the ability to update prices, products and services almost instantaneously you’ll reduce the need for printed marketing material – leaflets, posters etc
  6. Digitalise admin activities to free up staff for other tasks. Touch screen technology allows customers to order, sign in, register, confirm attendance, book events, sign up and loads more activities – and you can use these actions to create further promotions or marketing opportunities
  7. Networked screens allow you to incorporate any digital content. Add websites, news feeds, social media channels and even TV to keep customers engaged
  8. Digital marketing helps you stand out from the competition. Build brand for long term customer loyalty.
  9. Digital advertising screens allow you to constantly update window displays to turn window shoppers into actual shoppers.
  10. Networked digital advertising screens enable you to update remotely, and to synchronise marketing across all screens for even greater impact.

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