5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

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5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

QSRs, fast food venues and takeaway restaurants are all increasingly installing digital menu boards in their venues – but are there good reasons to do so? We look at why it pays to invest in digital menu boards.

  1. Increased Revenue. Some reports suggest that a digital menu board can help increase revenue from between 5-8%. That is no surprise. Used effectively a digital menu board can help customers see and understand your menu much better. It can help you help you quickly introduce new menus and promotions that respond to climate, competition and consumer patterns. The digital menus can help you upsell, too.
  2. Better Branding. It’s a competitive jungle out there and access to state-of-the-art template software allows you to create a unique brand for your business that will ensure customers keep coming back to your QSR – and not your competitors.
  3. Reduced Perceived Wait Times. More research suggests that “Digital signage reduces the perceived wait time by as much as 35 percent..” A network digital menu board enables you to include loads of great content – from websites to social media, streaming content and even TV channels so even when your customers are waiting to be served they are still having a memorable time.
  4. Long Term Cost Savings. Research again indicates that “88.5% of business recoup their digital menu board investment in less than 2 years.” Not only are there the obvious savings gained by reduced print costs for menu and posters but the digital screens are increasingly packed with cost-saving features such as Power Timers.
  5. Save Time. You can remotely update content so your time at the venue is used more effectively. Or you can manage users and assign marketing to other team members. Update content across all screens easily.

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