Benefits of Digital Window Displays

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Benefits of Digital Window Displays
So why put digital screens in windows? Because window marketing has been shown to attract attention outdoors and bring consumers inside. More generally, screen-based messaging does a better job than print in raising awareness.

With window digital displays there are almost limitless possibilities to type of content to be displayed including 

  • Basic information about opening hours, safety policies and procedures
  • Convert awareness of the location to familiarity with products, services, brand and your team
  • Persuade passing footfall to enter the premises
  • Promote new lines, services and events
  • Promote events, instore activities, community events etc
  • Use scheduling software to even better target the right audiences at the right time - for instance highlighting breakfast or lunch menus at the right hours

Wide range of uses for digital window displays

Shops: Street-facing screens are often used for call-to-action promotions intended to draw people inside, while the screens on the reverse looking into the store tend to focus on information and branding. Those screens may be used for directories, driving awareness of new products, or online ordering and in-store pickup options.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs): Window facing screens drive promotions aimed at pedestrians based on everything from the time of day to the different average diner profile that shifts through a day and week. 

Finance: Bankers use street-facing screens as part of broader local, regional or national marketing campaigns — offering continuity of messaging that consumers might also see in broadcast, out of home and online. They also try to attract new customers and prompt questions from existing ones about new services or attractive rates for savings, loans or credit cards. 

Window Displays for Estate Agents: In the battle against internet-only estate agency businesses, instore display is playing an increasingly important role. High brightness window display screens help branches create high impact window displays that make the most of property photos and videos. This is important in selling property, but more important in attracting future venders, building brand differential and ensuring window displays deliver 24/7

If a business is going to invest in window screens, it should fully understand not just any display will do the job well. Only a commercial grade Ultra High Brightness display screen is designed to work in direct sunlight, ensuring content is readable and delivering true-colour images and graphics. Additionally integrated software will offer further benefits including access to marketing templates & apps, scheduling software and management tools to make life a little easier such as remote updating and user management that allows the full team to contribute to the marketing.

Before buying, speak to experts  to make sure you choose the best digital display screen for your business. 

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