What are backlit poster frames?

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What are backlit poster frames?

Backlit poster frames use LED lighting to illuminate the print or poster enclosed within the frame.

Effectively the type of LED used in backlit poster frames comprise tiny bulbs connected together in strips. These strips are fitted within the frame to provide the illumination for the poster frame. They require a power source & the frames are usually supplied with the required cabling and transformers to allow the frame to be set up quickly. Mid West Displays backlit poster frames also come complete with sign standoffs so they can be wall mounted easily and stylishly.

Why use a backlit poster frame?

Commercially research has shown that customers are attracted to illuminated objects. That is why shops, restaurants, hotels, gyms etc invest in a range of illuminated signs, LED lightpockets and light boxes – and backlit poster frames. They make the enclosed print stand out more - and that is great when promoting brand, products, services or special offers.

In the home, a backlit poster frame is no different – adding a focal point to any room they are used in and making a feature of any favourite poster.

Are backlit poster frames sustainable?

Not all backlit frames are the same. We have almost two decades in manufacturing LED display products and use the correct amount of LED to create the ideal illumination. This exactness helps make the frame more sustainable than others who use too much LED. Additionally we use high-quality LED which minimises energy use and has a life expectancy of around 60000hrs – making the frame not just maintenance-free but long-lasting, and that increases the sustainability of the poster frame, too.

What size are backlit poster frames?

We offer a range of frames in standard print sizes from A4 to A0. Please specify if you required landscape or portrait options. Bespoke sizes can be manufactured – speak to the team if this service is required & we will arrange a free quote.

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