Bespoke Cosmetic Display Services

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Bespoke Cosmetic Display Services

Our sister brand Wrights GPX has developed a reputation for high impact cosmetic display. Expanding on their work with leading High Street retailers, brands and independent retailers they have created several standout projects to promote cosmetics, perfumes and bodycare ranges.

For many years Wrights Plastics has worked directly with cosmetic and perfume brands or partnered with retail, design and branding agencies to create high impact cosmetic display. Their display range includes cosmetic display stands, bespoke FSDUs, Counter Top Units (CTUs), Shop-in-Shop displays and POS retail display units.

The can offer an inhouse design service to turn an idea into a reality, or work alongside 3rd party design agencies or the clients’ own design team.

Manufacturing is at the heart of the offering. Material credibility and brand understanding helps them build high quality brand-enhancing displays that customers love and engage with.

Post-pandemic the style and functionality of cosmetic display has changed and the team at Wrights Plastics will offer workable display solutions that maximise the effectiveness of any cosmetic display.

With state-of-the-art printers and the very latest manufacturing kit, the team aim to ensure the final products are durable as well as stylish. They can even assemble, collate and distribute the display on behalf of the client.

Sustainable Display Solutions

Sustainability is important to consumers but it is also important to the Wrights Plastics Group. We invest in the very latest highly efficient kit. Faster production times and many energy-saving features minimises the energy used in production, and also lowers waste. Making high quality displays ensures they have a long shelf life. And by concentrating all stages of the project under one roof further lowers carbon footprint.

If you have a need for a bespoke POS / POP display talk to James Ivison on 0121 580 3080

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