Wrights Plastics Extended Retail Display Solutions

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Wrights Plastics Extended Retail Display Solutions

Our sister brand Wrights Plastics has extended their retail display solutions service as the UK retail sector bounces back after lockdown.

The West Bromwich-based fabricator has a long history of creating high impact display products for High Street retailers, independents and brands. After a difficult period, retailers are now gearing up for increased demand following the easing of lockdown rules across the UK. Early reports suggest a 200% increase in footfall in some locations.

However the pandemic has also lead to major changes in display, and changing customer behaviour. Reducing P2P interaction can boost customer confidence, but retailers will also need to ensure that they can still maximise sales and build customer loyalty. Shop teams will need to manage safety and protection as well as delivering the personal level of customer service that will maintain brand differential.

More Retail Display Solutions

retail display solutions

A further factor is sustainability. With customers' increasingly aware of the environmental impact of shopping, retailers are keen to demonstrate their environmental credentials in all aspects, including display. Increased use of recycling or recyclable materials combined with manufacturing processes that minimise energy use and material waste are helping to deliver more sustainable retail displays - and Wrights Plastics have been at the forefront of these developments.

Social media is also impacting on retail displays. In the Instagram age, solutions could go 'viral' and therefore they need to support - indeed enhance- brand values, With their brand understanding developed over many years work with leading names in retail, Wrights Plastics have developed their service offering to include design services that turn concepts into workable, sustainable, Instagram-able retail display solutions.

In addition the company offers more added-value services designed to make life a little (or a lot) more easier for clients, Such services include assembly, collation, warehousing and roll-out distribution using a trusted delivery network.

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