Cosmetic Display Stands Boost Product Sales

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Cosmetic Display Stands Boost Product Sales

Increasingly salons are maximising their product sales and a cosmetic display stand helps them display & promote a range of makeup and beauty products.

Many brands will supply their own stands, often in the form of a counter top unit (CTU), FSDU or dump bin. 

Independent salon owners who want to create a brand supporting or even brand enhancing cosmetic display stand can work with sector specialists to create high impact display, POS or POP. These are usually fabricated from recyclable acrylic. There is little limit to the colour, finish, size or even design of the stand so it can incorporate the salons logo, brand colours etc.

The stands will be featured throughout the salon - as part of the window display, in interior displays, on counters and workspaces to maximise the number of times they will be noticed by customers. 

High quality print will play an important role in the final product. Near photographic quality print of the product and aspirational imagery will create a high-impact cosmetic display stand that will drive sales as well as boost brand.

Why Are Cosmetic Display Stands Important?

Studies find that consumers are predictable in their behaviour & therefore easily convincible. Sometimes, it only takes the touch of a product to land a sale.  Impulse buying represents a massive percentage of salon sales revenue. As consumers and clients, we are confronted with impulse shopping decisions on a regular basis. In the beauty and hair industry especially, impulse salon purchases can be motivated by recommendations, education on a product and ultimately by the need of immediate self-well-being. Display stands play a huge role in creating that impulse – the need for a product that your customer didn’t know they had.

The web is full of great advice on how, when and where to display your stands such as on the Salons Direct website.

Don’t forget to link your instore promotions with your social media marketing activity. With a display perfect for Instagram, you’ll find you can create a lot of interest in your cosmetic ranges – and your salon.

As a leading salon retail displays specialist we offer a range of display products to help you promote your goods and services.


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