5 great content ideas for your digital display screen

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5 great content ideas for your digital display screen

Today’s digital screens are packed with access to features that help you deliver dynamic content designed to build brand, boost sales and create customer loyalty.

There is no one-size fits all solution to the type of content for your digital display screen. You need to consider the type of audience you are reaching out to. You need to consider aspects such as age and gender, and what type of digital content they are likely to interact with regularly.

For starters here are some content ideas

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  1. Social Media

If you invest your marketing efforts in social media, why not use this to bring your digital screens to life too? You can also utilise user-generated content to good effect. Showing social media feeds on your digital signs can help link your online activity with your offline instore activity building credibility and helping customers buy into your brand.  

  1. Your Website

You can easily set up the screen to show your website. This again helps make a clear link between customers’ dealing with your onscreen ID and what they see in store or in your windows. Touch screens will also allow them to browse as they do at home. And you minimise P2P interactions through the use of website browsing instore – post-pandemic this may be a way of building customer confidence and reducing dwell time where the amount of customers’ instore is restricted

  1. Video Content

Customers are 10 times more likely to observe dynamic digital signage content than static messages, which makes video the perfect content form; it’s also usually screen-ready in 16:9 format. Creating video is increasingly easy to do with most laptops allowing you to create content from static photos and text really easily. Or you can invest in professional video to boost brand.

  1. News and Events

Adding an RSS feed to your screen is easy & it will deliver live content from feeds. That might be a news channel to keep waiting customers’ engaged. Or it might be feeds linked to your specific industry – delivering insights and info that you want to share with visitors and customers.

  1. Safety Information

As we write the UK Government has announced Covid19 contingency plans for Autumn and Winter. This is a reminder that the pandemic is not only NOT over but may worsen. Digital screens are the perfect way to keep customers informed about what you are doing to keep them safe – the information can be delivered more dynamically that print and can be updated easily as often as needed.

You can tell customers that mask wearing and social distancing are required. You can let them know how to find what they are looking for speedily. You can show then where to pay, or collect if you have set up Click and Collect during lockdown. Even basic information about opening hours, pricing, events etc can be delivered in a better way through the screens.

If you need help or advice on how a digital display screen can help your organisation talk to one of our team today via email, LiveChat or telephone.

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