What Are Stand-offs?

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What Are Stand-offs?

Stand-offs offer an easy but professional way to hang a sign.

First impressions are important to guests and customers. Having a clean, elegant finish to your sign sends an unspoken message of trust, and pride in what you do.  As a visitor to a restaurant, an office, or a public building, you might not notice exactly how a sign is hanged, but it’s the small details that make all the difference in how a sign looks and feels.

What are stand-offs?

Stand-offs are a hardware for hanging a rigid sign or panel through drilled holes. Standoffs attach the sign to a wall or upright surface with a gap between surface and sign that makes the latter stand proud and get noticed. Standoffs become part of the design and presentation of the finished sign and are therefore available in a range of smart finishes such as black, brass, polished or brushed chrome.

Why use stand-offs?

Stand-offs are not the only way to attach a sign to a flat upright surface but they are one of the most durable and most attractive.

Choosing the correct stand-off ensures they can support the weight of the sign firmly to a wall.

How to use stand-offs

  • Firstly, select the correct sign standoff. Most standoffs will have a minimum and maximum depth of panel or sign that they can support. In addition, the larger the sign the more supports you will need. For more information read The Sign Stand Off Fixings Guide
  • Measure your sign & mark the wall where the wall screws will go - use a spirit level to make sure the sign will be perfectly straight.
  • Drill pilot holes where marked using a drill bit that's slightly smaller than the width of the supplied wall screw.
  • Take your standoff and unscrew the cap from the barrel.
  • Screw the wall screw through the bottom of the barrel and into the pilot hole - do this for all 4 standoffs.
  • Line up your signage with the 4 barrels on the wall so that the holes in your sign are right over the barrels.
  • Screw the caps through the signage and into the barrels - this will secure the sign in place.


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