Digital OOH turns out-side space into out-selling space

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Digital OOH turns out-side space into out-selling space

Digital OOH (Out of Home) engages with customers in their everyday environment. This offers many opportunities for organisations to develop ongoing 'real life' conversations with their target audiences.

Digital OOH remains a key medium that surrounds audiences in their everyday environment. It can reach them while they are close to the point of sale, and when they are more receptive and are less distracted by other media. Dynamic, data-led DOOH campaigns allow brands to offer highly relevant messaging, targeted to audience, time and place.

Digital OOH is a natural ever-present part of the environment for the urban population. It is able to reach a mass audience quickly and consistently like no other media. Creative and engaging campaigns allow audiences not only to observe but also to interact, entertain and build relationships with brands in real life. Creating a positive memorable impression for audiences through such interaction helps brands get closer to their consumer.

Digital OOH content can form part of an ongoing customer consumer – linking to content on other channels such as TV, social media, print and static OOH.

Increasing connectivity and improving technology is driving ever more creative content for even non-specialist users. Delivering content via wifi or 3G networks and integrating dual OS allows apps, games, educational content as well as video to form part of a dynamic campaign.

Multi touch screens also offer a wealth of opportunities for interactive engagement. Customers can sign up for future events and activities. Touch screen technology allows users to create more personalised content, and link their online activity with their outdoor experience.

Integrated scheduling software allows content to be used to deliver targeted content across a day, week or even season to maximise marketing effectiveness.

As well as advertising digital OOH can deliver information and communication that will improve the customer experience as well as reduce the need for more costly face-to-face customer service. DOOH is increasingly used in transport hubs, education venues, community centres, sport & leisure locations and many other venues 

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