Digital screens and the future of retail.

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Digital screens and the future of retail.

Most retailers have re-opened in some form since lockdown restrictions were eased, but few can doubt that some aspects of retailing will never be the same again.

What is the role of digital screens in the ‘new normal.’

Firstly retailers will need to work even harder to encourage consumers not just on to the High Street but also in to their store. And they will have to work just as hard again to retain customer loyalty.

Digital display screens can help attract customers by creating compelling engaging content for customers. In windows, point of sale display and interior displays, high impact digital advertising will boost sales, support brand and develop customer loyalty.

We have written elsewhere of the impact on customers of instore digital marketing, and that is unlikely to decrease as digital display becomes the rule, not the exception in retail.

Digital Screens Support Secure Shopping.

Throughout the pandemic digital messaging has been at the forefront. Digital OOH screens have informed, guided and instructed shoppers, drivers, visitors and many others on the latest post-lockdown rules and regulations. With a greater awareness of digital screens, now is a good time for retailers to use the screens to provide guidance, information and support to customers on Covid protection and security.  Both at the point of entry and throughout the store, digital screens can deliver this information more effectively and more dynamically than printed posters or signs. Even hand sanitiser stations have been integrated with digital displays to maximise the take-up.

With restricted numbers allowed in stores at any one time, retailers need to both keep consumers moving through the store as well as maximise sales opportunities. Communicating with customers will help achieve this balance and a mix of printed notices and traditional point of sale display with digital screen signage is important.

For example, you could use touch screen technology to allow customers to ‘virtually’ browse and even purchase in your store cash areas free for collection of purchases and the aisles free for other customers.  

Screens come in all sizes so retailers can deliver macro marketing that can be seen across the whole store whilst using smaller POS display screens to deliver micro messaging on shelves, displays and checkout.

Whatever the future of retailing in the ‘new normal’ digital is likely to play an increasingly important role.

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